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UK Heat Recovery Funding - IHRS Industrial Heat Re

Did you know that your company can receive up to 50% government funding when installing an industrial heat recovery system?

The program is called IHRS – or Industrial Heat Recovery Scheme – and within the program, a total of £18 million are available for funding.
Of the £18 million, £6 million are earmarked for concept and design and £12 million are earmarked for installation, commissioning and monitoring.

A heat recovery project can receive funding at any stage – even at the consultant and analysis stage – all the way through to the final turn-key delivery.
Funding applications are graded on a 0-to-10 scale. The higher the score, the greater the funding potential.

In order to be eligible for funding, the heat recovery system must be installed on an existing installation.
The project as a whole is graded based on energy benefit, kilowatt savings as well as environmental, economic and social impact and must achieve a minimum score of 5.

It is a requirement that the recovered energy is used within the confines of the business.


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